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Frances Update 1st July

By Michael Allsop | Jul 25, 2018 |

Greetings from Monrovia,

Thank God for safe arrival and I am happy for the cooler temperatures now that it is rainy season.  But it has been torrential and earlier than expected. Many side roads including my own full of mini swimming pools!!!!

We still have no electricity and each person in the community has to contribute to the fixing of the generator at the electric plant!!!  It is difficult to fathom this or how much petrol, food and communication top ups have risen in 8 weeks.. Petrol from 435 local currency to 535.. A bag of rice 1.800 to 2.200…huge inflation..

Today I went to the church beside me and I was blessed through the worship and message.. 2.5 hrs.. Donegal Family.. The Pastor was speaking on the call of Abraham and as he obeyed and left both his own comforts,  family and resources,  he was blessed. The challenge the Pastor presented are we willing to leave our comfort zone!!!!

Challenging indeed.. But I felt comfort,  comfort in knowing God’s ways are better than our ways


Donegal Town presbyterian Church - Frances Blog

So in heating my water up for my coffee and to wash myself on the coalpot (I am so happy I finally got the knack in lighting in) I give thanks.. that I am blessed because I can  finally have hot water and blessed because of God’s grace to embrace the experience and endure what others go through on a daily basis here

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Frances Message 20th April

By Michael Allsop | Apr 21, 2018 |

Frances Message 20th April

Good morning,

It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks I will be home..

God has done so many wonderful things in such a short space of time and as I reflect on it all this morning several things come to mind..

God’s timing is always perfect
Psalm 31 verse 14 and 15 says

But I trust in you O Lord, I say You are my God My times are in your hands..

We often struggle and strife trying to accomplish things in our own strength, with our own timeframe in mind.. But often all it leads too is added stress and pressure in a life that is out of balance and sync with God..

Psalm 31 ends with this verse
Be strong and let your hearts take courage all you who wait for the Lord..

We are not good at waiting…
We live in a world that is now now!!

Here waiting is a part of everyday occurrence that at times for me is like an endurance test.. I have had to physically wait for hours at times.. Even slow my pace of walking, my talking, my cooking..
But in all this waiting did God not show up and do it anyway!!!!!!

In His time… Abundantly more than I could imagine…

So a big lesson is being learnt by myself….

Today as I again find myself waiting.. God gave me this verse..

Exodus 33 vs14
My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest..

As we wait… We have an opportunity to just simply lean in on God’s shoulder and rest in His arms…
To press the pause button and just BE in His presence


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Frances Message 13th April

By Michael Allsop | Apr 21, 2018 |

My thought in general for today as I reflect..

I can expect to be loved but I can’t make anyone love me…

But who can stop me from loving, when I choose to love.

In times of struggle and distress I can expect to be comforted and encouraged but I can’t make anyone do it…

But who can stop me from giving comfort and encouragement when I choose to do it..
The word I so small but so big in our world..

I want….
I need…
I desire…
I demand…

As always as I prepare for to preach God’s word He never ceases to challenge me first

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Frances Easter Message

By Michael Allsop | Mar 26, 2018 |

Frances Easter Message

As we reflect in the cross coming up to Easter I am reminded of all the important lessons Jesus gave us.
It was not just about the amazing gift of salvation but it was so much more. These are some of the things God is teaching me

  1. Forgiving those who hurt us (as Jesus did as He hung dying)
  2. Reaching out to others even when we are suffering ourselves (as Jesus did to the criminal hanging beside Him) it is often when we reach out to others God ministers to our own heart.
  3. Taking care of those who depend on us (regardless of Jesus suffering He was not blind to Mary’s need to be looked after. Jesus was always more concerned about others than His own needs.
  4. In difficult times direct the hard questions to God. Jesus poured out His heart as He felt abandoned by His Father. God is the one who can pour His healing balm into a breaking heart.. Even if we don’t get the answer we want He always sends the answer that is in our best interest, so we can trust Him.

May God challenge us as we reflect on the cross this Easter, I know I will learn more.

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Frances Update 19th March

By Michael Allsop | Mar 26, 2018 |

Good morning everyone thank you for all the prayers. God is surely answering.

My residents permit and re entry permit have all been updated so I can come and go freely without any more cost for the next year. Praise God.

We have purchased a motorbike and from today I have transport. God is good!!

Today we have been able to send 3 people for training to become Trauma Healing Group facilitators..Please pray for them as they train this week that God would deeply touch their hearts and He would use them to touch others. That many will be healed and set free. God is great!!!

God has been really directing me to build relationships with those I have already met both in the community I am living in and in Vai Town..Please pray that these relationships are by divine appointment and will yield fruit

Thank you for all the love and prayers

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