Kingdom Kid's Video Programme

This Weeks Video
Week 13 - The Boy who Listens

Week 10
The King of the Jews

Click to download the craft sheet - 3D paper star craft

Week 11
The King of Kings

Click the link below to download the craft sheet Gingerbread Edgars

Week 12

Week 7
A Bad King

Week 8
A Good King

Week 9
The Queen

Week 4
The King who loves

Week 5
David's House

Week 6
The Wisest King

Week 1
The Throne of Revelation

Week 2
The Throne in Egypt

Week 3
The First King

Kingdom Kid's Trailer

Welcome to the Kingdom kid's video programme but together by the churches in Donegal Town. Watch the Trailer above for Kingdom Kids and then check back here each week to watch the weekly videos.