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Following the Governments response to rising COVID-19 levels in Donegal the Country has been moved to Level 5 which means our Church Buildings will be Closed for worship for at least the next 6 weeks.

Sunday Services will be available on the Church website Live Stream page from Sunday morning and also available on the Church YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Introducing new sermon series 'Threads of Life.'

Just as every garment is made out of many individual threads so the Bible is one big epic story told through made individual stories.

The big story of the Bible is all about salvation.  It tells the story of life - eternal life. Life that is found in Jesus and is all about Jesus.

This big story of salvation is woven from many individual threads and stories.

In our new series - Threads of Life – we are going to unpick many of these individual treads and storylines that appear and weave a pattern through the pages of Scripture.  We are going to follow these Threads of Life as they help us understand who Jesus is and lead us to the place where we can find life in Him and live that life to the full.

The Pilgrims Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan was born in Bedfordshire in 1628.  At the age of 10 he left school to help his father – a tinker.  He married in 1648 and became a Christian a few years later.  He was ordained a dissenting minister and imprisoned for preaching- an illegal act for Dissenters at the time.  It was during a spell in prison that The Pilgrim’s Progress was written.  The book has never been out of print since and has been translated into over 200 languages.

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory.  It tells the story of Christian’s escape from the City of Destruction and his journey to the Celestial City.  On the way Christian encounters many challenges, temptations, enemies and hazards.  It is a book with many useful lessons and valuable insights for those who would walk with Christ.

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Thursday Night Bible Study - 8pm to 9pm

Diary Dates

Thursday Night Bible Study & Prayer meetings on ZOOM at 8pm.

Why not join us and encourage one another person to join


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Meeting ID: 351 970 8146

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Kingdom Kids

Check out our weekly videos for children called Kingdom Kid's.

All the churches in Donegal Town have come together to produce weekly materials for children seeing we cannot come together in Church building for Sunday School.

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Matthew's Gospel

Stephen and members of the Donegal Presbyterian Church congregation present daily chapter by chapter video readings from the Gospel of Matthew for the month of November.


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Alone Together Series

In these days of social distancing and limited opportunities to gather together we want to continue to thrive and grow as individually and as a church family

Alone Together is a discipleship programme designed to help you do this. Join us on this journey and draw closer to God.

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