Other Videos

On this page you can find and view all the individual other videos posted by our Minister Stephen Richmond.

Time and Eternity

Can you give Stephen 5 minutes of your time?

This video looks at Time and Eternity and I hope you will share it with others.

Death and Beyond

We can hardly imagine what life is going to look like in a months time or a years time. Can we imagine what eternity will be like?

This study video looks at death and what the bible says lies beyond it for us.

I hope you find it helpful personally and that you may be able to share it with others who have questions.

Bible Study 2 - Jesus in perspective - 1st April

Grab your Bible, a pen and paper and watch the video opposite.

Remember you can pause the video as needed while you work through the study.

Bible Study 1 - Our Confidence in Christ - 25th March

All you need is your Bible and a notebook and pen.