Newsletter - August 2019

Reflection from Frances

Learning to love how God loves….I am learning to love the person in front of me regardless of my own pre conceived ideas or notions. Despite sometimes the noticeable differences in culture, traditions, values or norms. Regardless of my own fears or insecurities that can rise out of all those differences. And at the same time I am learning to love myself, the way God made me and not resent, despise or dislike those things that God has created on purpose because it is for a purpose. We are all uniquely created.

What is really our notion of mission? Sometimes I think it can be more about our journey rather than those God has called you to serve. Why do I say this? I say this because he continually turns me upside down and inside out. Asking me to take leaps of faith when I can’t see were my feet are going to land. He continually takes away those things I love until I am empty so He can fill me with his treasures.

Perhaps an unexpected treasure from God is the courage. Sometimes it is not always comfortable, or seen. Sometimes it is just the courage to keep persisting, keep pressing on, keep focusing, and sometimes simply placing one foot in front of the other.

God's Wonderful Treasures

Donegal Presbyterian Church TKT
  • Love and support in a barren place
  • Peace in the midst of an unstable environment
  • Contentment with the little
  • Deep joy at the innovativeness of others
  • Faithfulness from the prayer


Climbing the Heights and Riding the Lows

We want to say a big thank you to Jim and Margaret Morrow who organized a fundraiser for us this year and those in our Donegal family and community who supported them through giving generously and accompanying him on the mountain climbs.

It was aptly named ‘Climbing the heights and riding the lows’ a real reflection of life. They conquered three mountains on a journey that took them from County Kerry back home to County Donegal. A massive €5,740.45 euro was raised and a real blessing to our work in Liberia.

Climbing the Heights and riding the lows

Update from Liberia

Before I left we had facilitated an all day workshop on wholeness and personal development for Liberian leaders who are the partner organisations of 'Kvinna till Kvinna' an organization that work with vulnerable and disadvantaged women.

We had also started facilitating workshops for our local clinic staff on spiritual, physical and emotional health. When I return I will focus on mental health with them and in the meantime Momo is going to do a Trauma Healing Group with them. Momo has been leading the work of The Koinonia Trust since January as President and he has not just embraced the vision but continues to embrace new ideas and has been a huge support to me.

The Koinonia Trust Newsletter
The Koinonia Trust Newsletter

He is working hard developing the education project for young people and the study and reading classes will be commencing in September. At the moment he is preparing the training week for the four graduates who will be supervising the classes. We are grateful to The Irish Embassy/Irish Aid who is supporting this project.

Frances Prayer Points

  • Pray for those who we engage with, that we love them as God loves them and that they would be strengthened in their spiritual walk with God. For those who do not have a relationship with God that they would come to know Him in a personal way. Pray that we will be givers of grace and that we will look for the beauty in the ashes.
  • Continue to pray for Momo as he leads the work that God would strengthen him, guide him and give him wisdom.
  • Pray for Liberia it is unsettled and unstable in some areas that is causing additional suffering to an already hurting nation. Pray that a righteous army of God would rise up and stand in the gap for the nation. That there would be Godly heart and mind transformations from the community right up to the government.
  • Pray for me as I advocate for The Koinonia Trust and the work that it is doing. Pray God will open doors and I find favor with God and man.
  • Pray for the students that will come for the study classes that we will be able to share the love of Christ with them.

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