Newsletter – 8th March

Dearest Brothers and Sisters

Greetings from sunny Liberia. I give thanks to God for His continued blessing to us here. I have settled well back into Liberian culture and it is getting much easier each time. We really praise God for our new home and I brought an extra suitcase full of bits and pieces to help create a cosy and comfortable place of refuge for us. I am happy that I did for we are all happy and blessed to enjoy the comforts and luxuries of pictures and decorations for the walls. These things are not too common here in most people's homes.

Here the priority is putting food on the table and sending children to school. Every day is a struggle for the majority of people to do just those basic things. I see people selling their small bits and pieces sitting in the sun till early evening just to provide for their children. Every evening around 5.30pm when the sun starts to go down we go for a walk and I buy my fruit from several of the women I am getting to know. My heart is truly moved as I watch them work so hard just to make sure their children have an opportunity to learn to become someone tomorrow.

Several of the neighbors came and helped us to paint and move our furniture in. It was a joy to be blessed by their kindness and generosity. We moved everything from the houses by Kekeh a tricycle I am so sorry I did not take any photos for indeed it was a miracle in itself. I was too busy unpacking the suitcases for them to refill!!!!

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Compound Front Yard
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I have been reading in Ephesians 4 verses 1-3 were Paul reminds us of how we should walk.

I was challenged as I read it and took out the dictionary to examine the key words.

Humility...  that we are to think of others more and ourselves less,

Gentle...  to be kind,  mild mannered and tender.

Patience.... To have the capacity to accept delays, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.   To bear....  to carry and support each other in love,

Eager.... keen and enthusiastic

As we maintain unity. It is indeed a challenge to walk in this way worthy of our calling which each of us have but this is what we are commanded to do.

Thank you for all the prayers we know God is working in wonderful ways.

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  1. Mary on March 26, 2019 at 2:21 am

    Great to see the ‘compound’ work God is doing through you.
    Looking forward to seeing it develop.
    As God holds you all fast with his right hand, I and others hold the work and you in our prayers.
    To God be the glory

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