Newsletter – 6th February

Philippians ch 4:14

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

God has consistently reminded me that it is by faith and not sight we are called. By faith Abram left the familiar, his family, his home and journeyed to the unknown in order for his descendants to receive their inheritance. It was by faith Noah build the first boat ever and in the middle of a desert.  Surely too these men had many unanswered questions. Noah, like Abram, simply obeyed. Thanks to him the human race still exists today and his boat design is still deemed to be the best design for to survive a storm. These men are an inspiration to me as I continue to step out in faith.

Last year was challenging with many storms and many things to learn however God proved His faithfulness. We have a God who is faithful and I have learnt that as we keep our eyes focused on Him, He brings us through. As I trust Him regardless of the circumstances He supplies me with a peace that transcends all understanding.

This year as I return God reminds me that in His strength I can do all things. I remind you also no matter what you are facing, the pain you are going through or the anxiety you have if you release them to God and trust Him He can take those burdens and give you peace instead.

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Frances Newsletter

Answers to Prayer in 2018

  • We thank God for all the wonderful things that He did last year, the locals who were trained as apprentice Trauma Healing Facilitators, and the children who attended the camp, those who were helped with their education or social enterprise. Those who were supported through mentoring or training workshops.
  • We thank God for His provision enabling me to go back as a volunteer and to support the work that has started
  • We give thanks to God for continuing to open the doors of opportunity to minister in Liberia
  • We thank God for the new compound were we will live and have our work base

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