Newsletter – 17th May

Newsletter from Momo B. Kinnie

New Community

We are settling well into our new community. We have met some of the local community to discuss who the community leaders are and if there is anything we can do as an organization to support them. The suggestion has come back that once they are organised they would like to be trained in leadership skills and community development. At the moment we have been able to facilitate ongoing workshops in our local clinic within our community. This has been a great opportunity and is a gateway into our local area.

Trauma Healing Groups

  • We have been facilitating trauma healing groups and to date seventy five (75) people have completed sessions of the trauma healing program in various areas in Liberia.
  • We have a trauma healing group ongoing in the compound we are living in.
Koinonia Trust Trauma Healing Groups

Personal Development Workshops

These workshops are aimed at building personal capacity and focused on increasing knowledge regarding the aspects of health, how they are interlinked and the impact they have on us; spiritual/emotional/mental/physical and social. We have been developing these workshops based on observations and needs. Before we can expect behavior change there is the need of transformation in hearts and minds. This is going to take time.

Our latest project

We have been busy making two blackboards and it has been so impressive what these young men are able to do with the few resources they have.

Koinonia Trust Liberia
Koinonia Trust Liberia

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