Greetings from Monrovia,

Thank God for safe arrival and I am happy for the cooler temperatures now that it is rainy season.  But it has been torrential and earlier than expected. Many side roads including my own full of mini swimming pools!!!!

We still have no electricity and each person in the community has to contribute to the fixing of the generator at the electric plant!!!  It is difficult to fathom this or how much petrol, food and communication top ups have risen in 8 weeks.. Petrol from 435 local currency to 535.. A bag of rice 1.800 to 2.200...huge inflation..

Today I went to the church beside me and I was blessed through the worship and message.. 2.5 hrs.. Donegal Family.. The Pastor was speaking on the call of Abraham and as he obeyed and left both his own comforts,  family and resources,  he was blessed. The challenge the Pastor presented are we willing to leave our comfort zone!!!!

Challenging indeed.. But I felt comfort,  comfort in knowing God's ways are better than our ways


Donegal Town presbyterian Church - Frances Blog

So in heating my water up for my coffee and to wash myself on the coalpot (I am so happy I finally got the knack in lighting in) I give thanks.. that I am blessed because I can  finally have hot water and blessed because of God's grace to embrace the experience and endure what others go through on a daily basis here

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