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On the page you can revise and listen to previous sermons by Stephen Richmond Minister and Bible Teacher with Donegal Presbyterian Church. Check out the sermon archive 2020 to listen online or download.

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Stephen Richmond - 22nd March to 28th June

The following files are the audio recordings from the Live Stream Services broadcast on Facebook during the Covid-19 lock down.

Building a Spiritual House

Stephen Richmond - 1st March 2020

The church is …..

How would you finish that sentence?

There are so many possible words and answers that could be used.

Peter writes …a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people who belong to God (1Peter 2:9)

The big picture of the church in 1Peter 2 is of a spiritual house that God is building out of ordinary human lives.  The church is the house in which God dwells. He gathers us in Christ, indwells us with the Holy Spirit and empowers us to live with Him and for Him in this world.

What an awesome privilege to be part of the church.

What a huge responsibility to be part of the church.

Throughout March we will be focusing on spiritual building.