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What Loves Looks Like

By Stephen Richmond - 7th April 2019

The Apostle John has his own unique take on Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem before and after his crucifixion.  John highlights stories and angles that the other gospel writers don’t even mention.  John is present at the Last Supper, he is present at the cross and he is with Jesus after resurrection.  Against the big demonstration of God’s great love for the world John’s telling of the gospel helps us see some of the intimate and personal ways Jesus shows His love.  As He dies Jesus shows us what love looks like.

Wrestling with 1 John

by Stephen Richmond - 6th January 2019

Basic gospel ideas like love and truth and new life can never be reduced to a few religious rules to be kept and applied simply.  Through the incredible love of Jesus, people are brought to life.  God’s children have their hearts changed their lives made new are called to live out that reality day by day. In that new reality John is wrestling with Jesus, the gospel, the devil, the world, false prophets, the church and himself.  In this series we are wrestling with John’s letter so we can understand better how to live as Jesus’ children.